Centenary of the Archdiocese of Orthodox Churches of Russian Tradition in Western Europe

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Church of Christ the Savior, Orleans

Founded in 1984 under the blessing of the Patriarchate of Romania and of Monsignor Germain, Bishop of the Orthodox Catholic Church of France, with Father René as priest.

During 1989 there was a break with the Romanian Patriarchate.

In 1990 he returned to the same Patriarchate.

In 1993 final rupture with the Patriarchate of Romania, following the marriage of Bishop Germain and other theological problems.

Father René wishes to remain under the blessing of the Traditional Church and is leaving the Catholic Orthodox Church of France with the consent of the Parish Council.

In 1994 design and construction of the iconostasis thanks to Alexandre Fedorkow.

June 1994 creation of our Orthodox Cultual Association of Christ the Savior.

Albert Shaker is appointed churchwarden. Follow as parish counselors:

Tatiana Chiloff, René Lacoudre, Yves Lamour, Raphaël Saudry-Dreyer, Alexandre Fedorkow, Réda Charobeem.

Father René is attached to the Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky Cathedral, 12 rue Daru in Paris VIII arrondissement, which is the seat of the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe, which at the time was attached to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Regarding the Campo Santo chapel dedicated to the Holy Spirit, in 1992 a priest was appointed by Bishop Germain to celebrate the Liturgies. The keys to the chapel are kept by this obedience, which no longer has the canonical recognition of any Patriarchate.

Father René therefore no longer had a place of celebration until 1994 where he could, thanks to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, occupy the Chapel of Nora in Olivet.

La Chapelle is proving impractical due to accommodation and logistical problems due to its distance from the center of Orleans.

In 1997 an agreement was concluded with the Town Hall and the priest of the Catholic Orthodox Church of France known as E.C.O.F.

The chapel of Campo Santo is then shared between the two cults.

On January 17, 2016 Father Ioakim succeeded Father René.

In 2018 the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe was dissolved by the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

On September 7, 2019, the extraordinary general assembly of the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe votes 58.1% for canonical attachment to the Moscow Patriarchate.

On September 14, 2019, the Moscow Patriarchate accepts in its jurisdiction His Eminence Archbishop John (Renneteau) with the title "of Dubna" as well as all members of the clergy and parishes under his direction who wish to follow him.

Our Church with Father Ioakim and the unanimity of the Parish Council voted its attachment to the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe (renamed Archdiocese of Traditional Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe) now attached to the Moscow Patriarchate.